Bernie Sanders is Tonya Harding. I Can’t Vote for Tonya Harding.
Mitch Lerner

This only works if you’re thinking Hillary is that much better than the Donald. This only works if you still believe the dems are better than the gopers. Me? I wonder. I’m not so sure of either. I’m with Bernie all the way and should the fix work and Hillary is the candidate, I’m going Green. Dr. Jill Stein will get my vote because there is no way I can bring myself to support someone with whom I have so little agreement. There is no way I will support the party who fixed the primary and chose to ignore the will of the people.

As for the Donald? I think he’s just a spoiled, entitled monster who will tire of the whole thing when it doesn’t amuse him or turns out to be more work (for a lot less money) than he’s used to. He’ll hate it, probably give us 4 years of doing nothing and then we can get a real progressive in office not the fake progressive corporatist that the establishment would like to see in the Oval office.

She is a wonder, though. In ’08, she was “broke”. In 2016 she and Bill and Chelsea are worth a cool $120million combined. You don’t build that kind of wealth in that short time period without some pretty fancy footwork and some really wealthy friends.

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