We want Justice Brad King, Governor Rick Scott, Peter Magrino, Sheriff Nienhus

For almost three years I have been fighting to get justice for my pregnant daughter who was shot and killed by William Dehayes, and after he killed my daughter and grandson they gave him his guns back without even a slap on the wrist.

He then went out shooting his gun again in public, drunk and with another child present while shooting off his gun. If not for me going to court and begging the judge to take his guns away before he kills someone else’s child , he would have gotten away with it again being intoxicated and being reckless with his guns. Don’t misunderstand this second time he went to jail. He got 60 days in jail being it was a misdemeanor and served 45 days and he can no longer have a gun until further notice from the court.

While doing research on my daughters case, I came across many other cases and talked with other people who were also victims of crimes and did not get justice where Brad King has refused to prosecute including murder cases.

One such case is the Michelle O’Connell case. This beautiful young girl who had a child was dating Jeremy Banks, a sheriff’s deputy in Saint John’s County Florida. Michelle was killed with Banks service revolver. The Sheriff’s office never investigated Banks because he was one of their own deputies. They ruled it a suicide but with the overwhelming evidence the families’ investigators found and several autopsies it proves Michelle was murdered. Governor Rick Scott assigned a special prosecutor Brad King after State Attorney Larizza asked to be excused off the case. Brad King refused to prosecute without even doing further investigation into the case stating their wasn’t enough evidence to prosecute. It’s the State Attorney’s job to review, gather and prosecute the case. This case was in 2010. The family still has not gotten closure and has raised Michelle’s only child.

The next case I came across is the DePalma murders which happened in 2006. Once again Peter Magrino was assistant state attorney who prosecuted and admitted the Hernando County Sheriff’s office did not do there job properly.



There are other people involved in this double murder. The Hernando County Sheriff’s office never found the others involved even though there was evidence more than one person was involved in the murders and AFTER they falsely arrested someone and held him in jail for twenty days they finally arrested Robert Jardin. Jardin’s DNA was found at the scene along with the DePalma’s belongings found at Jardin’s residence. Jardin has never told who was involved with him during the robbery and murders of the DePalmas.
Hernando County is well aware of the predators who were stalking family members of the DePalmas, they were informed immediately about the twins and refused to investigate them.

While Murders are not the only botched cases.There were others never prosecuted. Brad King failed to prosecute the economic crimes of the Zacco brothers. The probable cause evidence submitted to him after the MCSO investigated our two complaints in Cherrywood Estates, Chris and John Zacco have gone on to now prey financially on four communities in Marion County, with impunity! It has cost elderly citizens millions of dollars and many lost their homes and savings in trying to fight for justice.

Then Governor Scott takes 23 cases away from State Attorney Aramis Ayla and gives them to Brad King.



Here are a few questions I have:

Why did you tell me to send you new information if you are not even going to read the private investigator’s report or the report of how a person is affected while taking Methadone, Lortabs and Soma?

How is it my son-in-law Carson knew to hire your brother Greg to win his wrongful death case and how did you know your brother would not have gathered additional evidence in the civil case? I feel this is a conflict of interest. Knowing there was no money to win and knowing I was still trying to get the case prosecuted. Many attorneys will not take a case when they know there is no money in it.

Why does Rick Scott continually use Brad King for special prosecutor? It is no secret that he has a history of not prosecuting certain cases even the Florida Nominating Commission questioned him on this and he replied some people don’t like what they hear. Excuse me if you did your job along with your assistant state attorneys, fully investigate your cases and make the sheriff’s offices do their jobs maybe negative publicity of your offices wouldn’t be so negative.

How is it Public Officials including Governor Rick Scott know of Brad King’s lack of prosecution of crimes and he is still in office? Why is it the Governor is going after Aramis Ayla for not prosecuting for the death penalty when she has not violated any laws as it is a prosecutor’s discretion yet he does nothing about Brad King not prosecuting our cases? Even though he is an elected official he can still be removed from office by the Ethics Commission especially if he has violated the law.

How many more victims civil rights are going to be violated?

Who is suppose to protect the victims?

This is what is posted on the homepage of the State Attorney’s Office.

“There is nothing more critical to the public’s trust in the integrity of the criminal justice system than a prosecutor’s ability to openly weigh information that speaks to a person’s guilt or innocence. A prosecutor has no more important responsibility than to follow the facts and the law wherever they lead, regardless of popular passions or political consequences.”
-Daniel F. Conley.

Why won’t anyone help us? Why isn’t the media all over this?

It seems in Florida it pays to be a criminal as you can kill someone and literally get away with it.