(This was originally posted as an Instagram story and post.)

White people (especially women) listen up. I follow many biz women and social media #influencers here on IG. None of you are saying anything about #georgefloyd.

I get it, you don’t want to “alienate” your audience or upset your customers. But it’s precisely this type of “filtering” that allows the murder of black Americans to continue.

Saying “we have to do better” is a cliche that gets trotted out by whites every time one of these souls is extinguished at the hands of a police officer, a white nationalist, or someone “standing their ground.”

We have to change ourselves in order to change the culture. The second photo is a great place to start: may I suggest saving it to your camera roll and circling the behaviors that you currently exhibit?

Start there. Acknowledge that you may be part of the problem. If you feel strongly enough, commit yourself to being part of the solution.



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Energy Efficiency/Clean Energy pro working for environmental justice. Public school & @EIU grad. Westwood HS & Texas Tech mom. Progressive, recovered Repub.