Really, America??? Really?

(Be warned, actual profanity, crassness, and vulgarity employed; oh yeah, nobody cares anymore, even if you are aspiring to the presidency.)

Dummy, dope, loser, dog, hate, hate, hate, torture, lie, lie, lie, Putin, shit, pussy, punch, shoot, murder, stupid … vote for me ASSHOLE CHILD NARCISSIST DEMAGOGUE 2016

RIP AMERICA … it was a great experiment …. too bad humans were involved.

Donald Trump: “I love the poorly educated.” Yeah, we get that.

So sad this morning.

Iran chants “Death to America.” They got their wish. Enough Americans no longer resemble anything vaguely American. Except those who first came here and stole the land and murdered the inhabitants.

Super Tuesday better bring out the Rational vote, ’cause this crazy shit is getting out of hand.

Crap. Even venting doesn’t kill the loud noise drowning out all other thoughts. I’m suing Donald Trump for impeding my ability to work (write) and make a living.

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