I’ve not seen a single article that would encompass these points.
John the TIB

I hope you can read and comprehend what you’ve read. Read the articles I’ve linked, then google what I told you. There is plenty of information available to corroborate what I just posted. I do research when I want to know something. You can say it’s all lies, but every negative thing can’t be a lie. Trump is a habitual liar and a con man. He said what he knew people wanted to hear, to get elected. Some of us knew about him and were not fooled.

I don’t know why I bother, but here goes;

#1 Trump inherited millions of dollars from his father,

#2. he filed bankruptcy 6 times. 

#3 He hired Polish immigrants to demolish a building and didn’t pay them, plus the Union sued him for hiring the non documented workers. 

#4. Ripped off people who signed up for Trump University

# 5 Admitted he admired Putin. He stated recently he had never met Putin. This link has a video in it where you can listen to Trump say what I just told you. Surprise, he has done business with Russians. No lie. He says so himself. The video was made in 2013. 

#6 He’s a habitual liar

#7 He has always been a bully and used to getting his way. 

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