The Truth Starts to Comes Out

A lot has happened, since I posted my last research findings on this site. I am sure many of you have been watching the news. I don’t know which news media platforms you follow, but the things I wrote about in my previous reply to another contributor on this site, are about to prove correct. Usually, I don’t get aggravated enough to comment in such an angered fashion, but when I tell someone something and give them more than one source to back up my statement, it makes me mad.

I am sure a lot of you have heard the saying, “There are none so blind as those who will not see.” Knowledgeable people can understand the meaning of this saying. I know I can understand it. Don’t get me wrong. I am not professing to know everything about everything. I learn by doing research. I try to credit each source of my research.

I got aggravated with the contributor, because he refused to see what I saw. I voiced as much in my reply. I had worked on my research for several days. Wanting to know the truth about our current president, is what prompted my research in the first place. Every time he made a comment or made a speach, I looked it up. To me a lot of things he said sounded far fetched. He is a really good con man. If the news media reported anything about him, that he didn’t like, he would say it was “FAKE” news. This prompted me to do more research, to see if he was right. It has turned out that he was wrong. I am sure he knew it too. His deceptions have been uncovered, and an investigative reporter from The New York Times, help bring this recent turn of events about.

He had a reason to promote FOX news as the only “real” news. If you do some research into it, you’ll see he goes a long way back with that station. It will be interesting to see just what FOX has to say, when “the cat gets let out of the bag.” There is a steady drip drip now. Muller hasn’t even presented the results of his findings yet. I ask that when voting for someone to represent us from now on, please keep an open mind when choosing the candidate of your choice. Do some research into their life. Don’t believe the accomplishments they boast about. Check for yourself.

Please keep track of your local news in the coming days.

For a choice of reliable news sources, check a few listed in the links at the end of this commentary.

Most trusted news networks.
 Notice where FOX and CNN are on these lists. CNN is a BETTER news source than FOX. Take the time to read articles in each link. I research to find out the truth.

This is from 2014

This is from 2017

Neither CNN nor FOX made this list.

CNN made the runners up list, but FOX news is no where to be found.

CNN in the middle but at least outranks FOX on this list.

CNN nor FOX made this list.

CNN nor FOX made the top 5 on this list.

CNN more trusted than FOX on this list.

FOX was mentioned in this along with MSNBC as needing to be held accountable for what they air. Hmm Do you think these two may be exagerating things a little?

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