Imperfectly Perfect: “Dear little Me….”

Remember when you were young and carefree…??!

No ?! Me Neither !

My parents split up when i was 3 years old and I have no real memory of life as a ‘family’ in that respect. In fact, it even sounds weird on my tongue saying “mum and dad” in the same sentence !

Mum met my (ex)step father when i was 4, & I hated him on first sight! {I don’t have many memories of that age, but I Do remember hiding behind the door the first time she brought him home to meet me…!

Turns out my instincts were right as he was a bit of a bully! Mostly emotional, very occasionally physical.

The worst part was feeling helpless at being unable to protect my Mum when he was humiliating her in front of his friends {Obviously I didn’t totally understand what was going on: I could just feel that she was uncomfortable & unhappy} As a 5 year old, I said to myself “If he ever touches her, I’ll get a knife & stab him…” . Not something a 5 year old should be thinking!

Today I wrote a letter to my Self…

“Dear sweet child,

There will come a time when you will be teased…. it will hurt but don’t let it make you feel less than beautiful. There is nothing wrong with being ‘different’! You weren’t born to fit in my dear! You were born to Shine! Please don’t let their words make you feel ugly..

Don’t be afraid to be different little one… for one day you will celebrate your unique-ness! People will love you form who you Are!

You have a kind heart, but don’t give it away too easily..

You have a strength & power in you that you don’t realize yet. Remember, you are stronger than any challenges you may encounter..

Believe in yourself my dear, no one else’s opinion matters! Follow your heart & live with passion

Live your life fully! Everyone is busy worrying about their own life! Don’t be afraid to look foolish or to ‘fail’: there is no ‘failure’, only experiences.

It may not seem like it now, but the years will simply fly by! Don’t let anger cloud your judgement or self doubt delay your dreams! Believe me, it is better to have tried and not succeeded than to never try at all…

Life is for LIVING! See each day as a Gift, a new adventure, & get From the day, not just get Through it.

And know this, little one, although life may not always be easy, it can be amazing if you allow it to be…

Given time you will develop the skills to get through the difficult times with as much humor & perseverance as the better times! Your sense of humour will be a great asset!

Trust your intuition & stay true to your Self..

I Love You”

~ D-M Hammersley-Smith-Howell

Health and Wellbeing Life Coach

Fur Baby Mumma

Ditzy CFS Warrior