Manage the Menopause girls…!!

I am passionate about ‘alternative remedies’…. and I will research and look into natural cures first, rather than rush to the doctors…. !

Having been experiencing pre-menopausal symptoms (which I had for a few months the other year, then they stopped…) I have started taking some herbal remedies again ! (I’m currently taking ‘Menovital’, which is a blend of several herbal remedies )

The ‘peri-menopause’ is literally the period of time when our bodies are preparing for the Menopause; when our periods stop ! I didn’t realize that this transition can take several years & that ‘symptoms’ can come & go ! I first started experiencing extreme hot flushes / night sweats over a year ago (I was only 41 at the time & everyone said I was “too young”! Though I’ve since discovered that, although it typically starts between the ages of 45–55, it can start at Any age & occasionally be as late as 60!) and then they just stopped!

Like most women, I’d always thought of Menopause as something ‘older women’ go through! It can be quite disheartening to realize that, actually, I AM now an ‘older woman’!!!

The reason we experience those horrible symptoms is that the body is going through a major period (no pun intended!!) of change, and levels of hormones {oestrogen & progesterone, which are needed for menstruation & pregnancy} start to fall….

Taking responsibility for your health is important, & there are many things you can do to help yourself through this transition. ..

~Stay Active! Incorporate exercise into your daily routine… {During the menopause , the risk of Osteoporosis increases due to the changes in hormones. Exercise will help keep you strong, mobile & healthy, as well as keep you at a healthy weight! Exercise also helps boost your mood & release stress & anxiety. Things like Yoga & Pilates are ideal, as they are ‘weight bearing’ yet low impact. Using weights is also ideal to help keep your bones strong!! Walking, swimming, cycling, dancing…. Find something you enjoy!

PS: There is evidence that women who are more active tend to suffer less from pre-menopausal symptoms! THAT should be motivation enough to get moving!!}

~ Ensure you eat well and take a quality vitamin and minerals supplements, and/or a superfood supplement… {Your diet — what you eat — affects your mood, as well as your energy levels! Eat crap and you will Feel crap!! Weight gain is NOT inevitable! I advise also taking a high quality vitamin & mineral supplement &/or Superfood supplement — I take MOA — as, even with a healthy, varied diet it can be difficult to obtain all necessary nutrients due to the decline in food quality}

~Cut down (or cut out completely! ) Sugar, Gluten, Dairy, Meat, Alcohol and Caffeine…. {These are all hard work for the body to digest anyway! So, for optimum health, at Any time/age, try to reduce — or better still, cut out! — sugary, processed ‘junk food’ !! Sugary foods can obviously contribute to weight gain, but they also affect your energy levels & can cause premature aging! Gluten / Wheat can cause bloating, constipation & lethargy. Also make sure you drink plenty of water! Hunger and lethargy are often a sign of dehydration!}

~ Essential Oils can help relieve stress and anxiety {and improve sleep..}

~ Meditation / Relaxation techniques can also help with mood swings etc… {Us women are Always busy, right??!! And at this time in our lives, we can often experience even More stress & anxiety — hormones going bonkers = mood swings, irritability, interrupted sleep etc! So, taking time to de-stress is extremely beneficial!! And if you’re not sure How…. take a look at my Facebook page; Norfolk Motivational Fitness and Wellbeing , where i upload weekly videos for Pilates, Yoga, meditation & Relaxation!}

~ If you smoke, it would be beneficial to stop! {There is evidence to suggest that women who smoke have an earlier menopause & experience worse symptoms….!}

~ Make your Self a priority! Make for yourself! Pamper yourself, and treat yourself with kindness! {Hey! Our bodies are going haywire!! We deserve a little time-out! Be kind to yourself! Don’t beat yourself up if you turn into a fire-breathing dragon….!!! Just apologize to whoever’s head you just bit off, & book yourself a spa day…..!!}

One thing i didn’t realise until recently was that HRT doesn’t Prevent menopause symptoms; it only Delays them! {I always said i would Never take HRT anyway, mostly for ethical reasons, as much of it comes from the urine of pregnant mares [horses]! And being an absolute animal lover, that doesn’t sit well with me! But, if you decided to go down that route, just be aware that when you come off it [which you will Have to at some stage] your symptoms will come at you full force!!!

I understand that many women may experience feelings of loss {at no longer being able to have children} & depression at “getting old”…… But, Hey! We’ve been through many ups & downs in our lives (PMS anyone…???!!?), so we know we’re tough cookies, right??! Age is just a number! Beauty is confidence! We’re not done yet! Our lives aren’t over! It’s just a new phase in this fantastic, rollercoaster journey called LIFE…..!

~ D-M Hammersley; Health and Wellbeing Life Coach