How the Tiny Home Community Responded to My Post
Lauren Modery

I don’t know. I own over 2500 books, and the truth is, I will re-read most of them. I have read a large number of them more than once already. I can go through 2 novels per day when I’m on a roll, lol. I’d probably do just fine with a tiny home, but only if I had a separate building for a library. On 100 acres of land.

And the point about land is a really important one. I think most of the people who are actually happy in tiny homes (and aren’t single) are those who put this teeny house on lots of acreage. It becomes a place to sleep, and you actually live outside. Which is a totally valid way for humans to live; it’s the way humans lived for tens of thousands of years; a way we’re adapted to live. So it’s easy to see how people can be happy that way. If you think of it much less as a living space, and more as a sleeping den, it makes a lot more sense.

If you think of it as the primary place where you spend all of your time, it would be hell. Like keeping a goldfish in a bowl instead of a proper aquarium or pond. :P

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