The dengue blues, and my 3 month-iversary
Emily Petsko

Sorry to hear about your Dengue Fever episode but glad to read a new post. We took two different malaria pills in-country in ’71, a daily pill and weekly pill with the latter causing stomach issues and diarrhea. When possible we slept under mosquito nets. I couldn’t remember what innoculations GIs got in Basic Training and before shipping over to Vietnam so I checked: Smallpox, Triple Typhoid (x2), Tetanus (x2), Cholera (x2) and Yellow Fever. Needless to say it wasn’t unusual to go down a line and get shots in both arms at the same time with those air guns.

See if you can find an original Montagnard (Mountain Yard) bracelet, it’s like a heavy brass wire with etchings on it. I got one after the war but it wasn’t the same as the war era ones from the Central Highlands. I see David various places covering your old beat… the fracking goes on. Take care! Bob