The Great Escape

My chamber grew gloomier by the minute, 
The blizzard hit with all its might, 
Walls closed in all around, 
That feeling suffocation kept me bound, 
I felt helpless, but wait, 
A choice needed to be made, 
Uncertainty deprived me of hope, 
I was afraid, 
Wanted to spend my last minutes in peace and tranquillity, 
Adrenaline fueled me to recklessness, 
Failing to resolve my inner conflict, 
I pryied open the door, 
My vision turned blurry, 
Got knocked off my feet, 
I was frozen to the bone, 
I lie there silently cursing my folly, 
But I could breathe amidst the icy turmoil, 
Everything looked white and beautiful, 
I never shut my eyes, 
Holding on to my last minutes of bliss, 
Prospects of my death didn’t make me shiver, 
The snow had seen to that, 
I smiled and closed my eyes, 
I couldn’t feel the wind or the snow anymore, 
The blizzard died, 
Frozen and shaking I got up on my feet again, 
But I was alive, 
I survived.