The Walk

The path was paved with cobblestones; it was lined with the mighty evergreens on either side. The trees formed an arch of sorts. The wind smelled sweet. She washed over the land gracefully, aristocracy Laden in each step . The heavy downpour cleansed the air, erasing the countless sins the land witnessed once again. Amidst the eloquent chaos stood a young woman. She held her head low, standing as still as the stone beneath her feet, her face was void of any sort of emotion. She stood there, silently watching as the world in front of her drowned, wishing she were a part of this beautiful Meadow. Tears rolled down her cheeks, her cry for help gagged her slowly. The first shower of rain felt piercing cold but she soon grew numb to it. The wind vigorously swayed her hair hither and thither, she was thoroughly drenched. Collecting her bearings, the young woman took a step forward. After what felt like eternity she took another step and another one, leaving behind her tears as she moved. She was cold to the bone, it felt strangely exhilarating, the dawn of a new beginning. From the darkness she was spared, she wasn’t chosen for the journey ahead. Once upon a time she dreamt of conquering the world. Now the sun nor the stars knew her name, the one who did were long gone, lost to the darkness that plagued the land. That’s such a shame because Rene was a beautiful name.