Writer, Donna Smith — Oftentimes, I have to stop to think before saying, I’m red or blue, an elephant or jackass, left or right, conservative or liberal. I don’t know one side of the aisle from the the other. States (caucuses and swing) fly right over my head. And, I still don’t know the difference between my little vote and an electoral vote come Election Day. Mostly because I’m not a staunch fan of either party, nor politics for that matter. The two running mates of Trump and Clinton could walk into my house this very moment, and I wouldn’t know one from the other. I had no interest in political science in school, and I sure ain’t interested in learning it now at my age. I do sleep with a former politician most nights when he ain’t on the road or if I’m sitting up all night writing. But, I don’t expect I’ll ever be in the news for lewd or scandalous behavior.

What I do know is both parties are corrupt in more areas than some, and the two who make up the major parties vying for the top political position in this country have turned many of their supporters into disrespectful, one-sided, know-it-alls who’d argue with a rock, regardless of fact checkers or debunkers.

In the words of Annelle Dupuy, “It may sound real simple and stupid and…Well maybe I am, but, that’s how I get through.” Say and write what you will with regards to these two candidates, but don’t take it out on your friends. They ain’t the ones running. Quit being assholes.

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