I had recently read on this site about a blogger who just recently lost a friend. What made me read more was how he wasn’t just a friend, but an encourager, someone who believed in him.

Last week I too lost someone who was close. Not in many years actually, but we grew up together. I was always her “big sister”. Her family and mine couldn’t have been closer in the 70's if we weren’t true family. My father was the pastor of a church in Brooklyn, NY. We moved from England to NY in 1968. We were basically raised by every Norwegian and Scandinavian family that lived in Bayridge. This was one of those families.

They were 5 brothers and 2 sisters that moved from Norway back in the 1940's. They were the first ones to make us feel as if the United States were our home from day one. Their children grew up with us and our children grew up with their children. We were inseparable. Then as all children who grow up to be adults and have children of their own, and some even grandchildren, we drift apart.

As usual I kept up with them through Facebook, congratulated them on their families and the Happy Birthdays throughout the years. Then I decided to out of the blue look up the baby of the family. Julie was born in 1972, a complete unexpected pregnancy for my parents best friends. Her older sister was my best friend, but Julie was 14 years younger than Jenny, so she was always her baby.

I decided to just take a look at the latest photos and I read “Your life was snuffed out way too soon…we still can’t believe you’re gone, we will always love and forever miss you Julie” My heart was in my mouth. What could have taken a single mother of 3 gone in a night? She was only 43! Her children found her dead the next day! How could this have happened?! All I knew was that this beautiful family, that took a lost family coming out of England, had just lost their “baby”..their beautiful baby. She had everything to live for and now her family is lost without her.

No one knows what happened. She had a previous surgery and hadn’t felt well for weeks. Her heart just stopped and this beautiful Norwegian woman just fell asleep and never woke up.

At times like this words are never enough. You can only say, “I’m sorry” or “What happened!” before the family doesn’t know what to say anymore. All I could do was give them hope, because hope is all we have: “Julie is now an angel in heaven with her Mom and Dad, she missed them so much and now they’re together for the rest of their lives…we don’t know why God allows things like this to happen, but all we can do is pray that God will pour out His blessings towards her children and hold on to them forever. They knew she was a dotting Mom, and they’ll always have those memories to last forever…”

I don’t know who the person was that wrote the tribute to his friend, but thank you. It meant a lot for me to write words about our beautiful Julie..