“I’ve Got A Little List”
Yonatan Zunger

OMG — Trump comes in and bans 7 countries that Obama banned and he has banned “all Muslims” — this is not a Muslim ban! There still over 100 predominantly Muslim countries that have NO restrictions on them.

Obama signed a large amount of executive orders, usually in the cover of darkness so as not to stir opposition to them, and nothing was said. Trump signs executive orders, in the brilliant day light for all to see, and he’s a dictator.

I’m so tired of hearing all the mistruths coming from the left. You really need to do some true investigation into what you spew forth as true.

I know on this particular website I’m going to get tarred and feathered for my above statements. But that’s ok. Oh, and by the way — you should look up Mexico’s immigration laws. They are some of the toughest. If you are an immigrant there — you cannot wave a foreign flag, get government sponsored anything, you my buy property but with a ton of restrictions, etc etc. if you go there illegally and are caught you face an automatic 5 — 10 year prison term, then deportation.

We need to wake up people! We are not the bad guys here. The bans and restrictions are to help keep you safe. Go look up Germany, Sweden anD France. They have some of the most lax immigration laws on the books. Their countries are being destroyed. Sweden yesterday just sent a rape warning out to its females. Basically, don’t stay out after 8 pm. Never go out alone or you are putting yourself in serious danger of getting raped by gangs of young men (sorry, but predominantly Muslim gangs). So , if that’s what you want here, keep spewing your half truths. Go look up Detroit MI — same issues. Paris, France and London, England — horrible stuff.

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