The comments seem to all think that efforts to enforce immigration laws — even just going forward…
John Kling

immigrants in this country are a net increase to the economy.

Most of the people in this country who get food assistance are Americans. They are not immigrants of any kind. Most of the people getting food assistance are children, elderly and veterans. Hunger in America is not going to be addressed by building a wall.

Immigrants are not some magic cure all. Scapegoating them instead of actually dealing with the causes of hunger is not a winning prescription. Cutting Food assistance isn’t a good plan either.

Systemic poverty is a problem. The unequal distribution of resources in our country is a problem. The way we handle social problems through incarceration and consequences is a problem.

Cutting off one of the crucial programs that provide food for people to build a wall isn’t going to help anyone…except the contractors who will undoubtedly hire illegal immigrants to build it.

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