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So, they voted for a man who is has a deep hatred of “green energy”, believes that gas and oil are the only viable fuels, thinks climate change is a hoax, scientists are kooks, and has shown zero interest in allowing points of view other than his own to be “real” is going to bow to…what?

In his fantasy world, he’s at 95% approval, everyone loves him, and he is extremely popular. Any information that does not jibe with that isn’t allowed to penetrate his orange cranium.

He doesn’t give a hoot about “political pressure”. He thinks anything that doesn’t conform to his world view is “fake”.

He has no plans. Who has he surrounded himself with who is going to suggest he go with clean energy?

Who do these people think they voted into office?

This is a match made in hell. The orange shitgibbon lives in a fantasy land.

His supporters see him through their fantasy glasses.

This is going to be a long four years.