So, the only reason you voted for Obama was bc he was black?

Wow. so, you took a chance that someone who wants to destroy our healthcare, bomb countries on a whim, outlaw abortion, curb the accessibility of birth control…you did say you had daughters, right…implement racist policies against Muslims, hispanics and black folks, and punish anybody who criticizes him would be a better bet than someone competent?

You couldn’t stand Bill Clinton, but you voted for someone who has admitted to doing WORSE things than Bill Clinton and laughing about in public?

Well, here we are.

The current occupant of the White House has decided that he doesn’t trust the press, so he no longer has a press secretary at this point. He hasn’t allowed the press to record audio or visual at press conferences recently, and now there is no word from our government. He doesn’t like people criticizing him, and he can’t take it. He doesn’t like being caught in lies. Instead of not lying, he is just going to make sure that nobody hears what he has to say unless it is tightly controlled.

In other words, you voted for him and now he doesn’t believe he owes you anything. You want to talk about a monarch? Well, now we’ve got one. We don’t have access to information about what the hell is going on in our own government. The people who are making decisions about everything from what is in the water you drink to whether or not they can frack your backyard have decided You Don’t Need to Know, and they don’t care one way or the other what you think about it.

The GOP just wrote two healthcare bills and didn’t bother to let the public know what was in them. The president was totally fine with that. They have cut the public out of the process of having any say over the laws that govern us. That is what you voted for.

Government by the people is not happening in this era of the orange menace.

You thought other Republicans would put the brakes on this man? Really? All Paul Ryan has wanted is someone who would sign whatever they put in front of him.

To recap…you voted for a sexist, racist, misogynist, who promised to implement racist, sexist policies all while denying climate change, promising to bomb whoever displeased him, hound Muslim and hispanic Americans, as he condescended to African Americans because what harm could really come of that…


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