Caution is not fear

Leaders find it almost impossible to do the “right thing”

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I understand why, as a nation, we are taking the precautions we are to combat coronavirus. Some would argue that we should have started earlier. But honestly, I am getting sick (no pun intended) of hearing the phrase “an abundance of caution.”

In “an abundance of caution” colleges all over the nation have elected to move all classes to an online format. This will have a definite real-world effect (compared to the hypothetical effect of virus exposure) because most faculty are not prepared for teaching online, and many students do not have the capability of effectively taking classes online. …

Physical marks of service

Lincoln Park UMC’s sanctuary in Knoxville, TN
Lincoln Park UMC’s sanctuary in Knoxville, TN
Lincoln Park UMC’s sanctuary (photo by the writer)

When I go through the building that houses Lincoln Park United Methodist Church (in Knoxville, TN), I’m always struck by the sense of history. Though it’s a gorgeous old building that retains its character wonderfully, I think that I’m picking up on something far more important. The windows preserve the names of people who gave generously in 1926. Multiple other plaques and commemorative markers maintain the awareness of people who made sure the church had what it needed. Bookplates in the front of songbooks likewise record a physical expression of love and support. …

We still live out the story

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Although Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker was out in theaters a couple of months ago, I still haven’t seen it. I have a particular interest in seeing this movie, though the reviews give me mixed feelings about it. I saw the very first movie in the franchise in a theater in 1977, at a time when you either saw it in the theater or you didn’t see it at all. I went to see it multiple times because when it left the theater I had no idea when I would be able to see it again.

Since then movie fans have cycled through VHS tapes, DVDs, Blu-ray, and now streaming services. In preparation for the release of the final installment in this over-40-year-long saga, we wanted to watch all the previous movies and could binge them via Disney Plus. (I could never have imagined that Leia would become a Disney princess, but that’s another story.) …

The demands just keep demanding

When you don’t have time for either

A group of Asians on a subway train, all staring at electronic devices
A group of Asians on a subway train, all staring at electronic devices
Photo by Marc Smith [CC BY (]

Does it seem to you that it is harder and harder to get enough “alone” time to get close to God? Does it also seem to you that it is harder and harder to get enough social time to strengthen your bonds?

Surely I’m not the only one sensing this. In our current society, we all seem to just be busy all the time. That means we neither truly connect with people nor get needed solitude.

I’m an introvert. I need alone time to recharge. So, I’ve been particularly aware of the difficulty of getting that. Lots of things interfere.

  • Demands constantly interrupt. …

Greetings, Chroniclers! I just added a post explaining where I’ve been and updating a bit. I plan to get back to writing on Medium, and I’m also branching out with a Substack publication called Thriving in Exile. I know several of you are interested in writing, and so you might want to see my reasoning from that perspective as well as out of interest in thriving in post-everything America.

(By the way, just in case you can’t see the post inside King’s Chronicles, here’s a link that anyone can read.)

Please consider checking out TiE and see if it might not add to your day. It is easy to subscribe, and easy to unsubscribe if it doesn’t fit.

In any case, thank you for following King’s Chronicles, and we will be bringing you more here soon.

Both/and, not either/or

Getting back to writing, changing paths

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I haven’t written much at all on Medium in several months. It’s not that the well has gone dry, though I’ve written about that before.

This time it’s because I’ve been getting my “writing monkey” fed another way. Since July I have had the privilege of pastoring a church. Every week I get to put together a sermon. I’ve written some devotionals for the church district newsletter. I’ve published newsletter for the church. Coupled with my increasingly limited time, the itch for writing has been scratched enough.

But still.

I had some momentum going. I had figured out something about formatting posts on Medium to get them read. My following, while not stellar, had started building steadily. While it was quite satisfying working with my little church, I admit that I missed the fairly frequent “you’ve been curated” messages. …

Take the opportunity to connect

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It turns out I did something pretty important today.

The day didn’t start out that way. The car wouldn’t start this morning because of an electronics issue, and I had to miss teaching a day of college classes (at a critical point in the semester) to deal with it. My feet were killing me, and I left my cane in the car at the repair place. The homeowners association decided to hassle us a bit.

All that faded into the background at Walmart. …

Prayer a Day

May the right person show up

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Good morning, Father!

Do you have us ask you for what we need
Because we need to think about it ourselves?
After all, you know us better than we know ourselves.
You know what we need before we even think of it.
You know the difference between what we think we need,
What we merely want,
And what we actually need.
But still you want us to bring our petitions before you —
For our benefit, not yours.

So, thank you, Father, that we can talk with you about
Whatever we think we need
And trust you to answer according to your will. …

What we have in common

Confusion and irritation sound the same everywhere

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Photo by Aditya Romansa on Unsplash

Blount County, Tennessee, is a thriving mecca of places to eat. Most people consider it rural, but the county has a population of 125,000, compared to 175,000 within the nearby Knoxville city limits. It harbors surprisingly varied food choices. I’ve recently noticed something interesting at two favorite ethnic hole-in-the-wall eateries.

One serves Asian cuisine, mostly Chinese, but also Thai and Japanese. They have the pictures of menu items that every other Asian restaurant in America has (there is a catalog somewhere where they order those, I’m sure), but all the other signage in the place is hand lettered. …

Prayer a Day

Thank you for directing my steps

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Photo by Jamie Templeton on Unsplash

Good afternoon, Father!

I haven’t shared our prayers with others for a long time,
Though we’ve had frequent conversations.
I don’t know why I’m moved to share this one,
But I am.
This has been a time of discernment,
And it continues still.
I am grateful for your love and support
And for your guidance as I consider
The New Beginning before me.

I am honored and humbled
To be able to once again work as a pastor.
I pray for wisdom and strength
To give what is needed. …


Donnell King

Communication nerd. Student of life who repeated some grades. Christ follower. Follow me at to thrive in post-everything.

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