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  • $1.8M Bitski Seed Round brings total funding to $3.5M
  • New investors include Galaxy Digital, Winklevoss Capital, SV Angel, others
  • 300+ Apps created on Bitski platform
  • Announcing 3 exciting customers: The Sandbox, Clementine, and Props

Press Release:

Bitski has closed it’s $1.8M seed round, bringing a total $3.5M in funding from participants with a deep understanding of blockchain — not only as a technology, but as a developer tool that unlocks an entirely new set of user experiences. Investors include Galaxy Digital, Winklevoss Capital, Kindred Ventures, Coinbase, SV Angel, Animoca Brands, Signia Ventures, Bobby Goodlatte and others.

“Bitski has the right focus when it comes to crypto: ease-of-use. User friction is the single biggest factor holding back so many use-cases from reaching the mainstream.” –Bobby Goodlatte, Founder + GP, Form…

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A hosted wallet for developers to execute programmatic transactions.

Building great software is often about using the right tool for the job. We expect that most products using a blockchain will be hybrid products; consisting of centralized and decentralized components.

Unfortunately, it’s currently pretty difficult to bridge off-chain events to the blockchain. It requires additional backend work and distracts developers from focusing on their primary product. After interviewing over 100 developers, it became clear a solution was needed. So we built App Wallet.

What is App Wallet?

App Wallet is a wallet for backend applications to execute programmatic transactions. …

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The past couple years have been exciting in crypto. Outside of the speculative bubble of 2017, we’ve seen developers building tons of creative projects. Save for a few novel outliers, the reality is that most projects have struggled to gain traction. While we genuinely believe blockchain is poised to overtake existing platforms, the shortcomings of the nascent infrastructure and tooling in the crypto space have made it difficult to build products with mainstream appeal today.

By late 2017, we were one of those teams experimenting with decentralized apps. Our interest with the decentralized web is driven by relatively simple ideas like easy transfer of value, transparency, and providing true digital ownership. After a few prototypes, it became very clear how challenging the onboarding and user experience would be for users new to crypto. …


Donnie Dinch

CEO @Bitski

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