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COVID-19 Resources for Parents & Professionals

Donnie Belcher
Mar 15 · 3 min read
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We are all navigating uncertain times. As many businesses and school districts are closing here in the United States I wanted to compile a list of resources. I taught High School English for 12+ years and currently work as a nonprofit administrator. Please add any additional resources via the comments section. Thanks to everyone who has created some sort of resource directory or list. Sharing is caring! I will update this list periodically:

Educational Resources for All Ages

200 Free Kids Educational Resources (Video Lessons, Apps, Books, Websites and more:

60+ Free Learning Resources

Master list of educational Online Learning Tools —

Social Emotional Learning:

Indoor Activities to burn energy:

STEM Resources:

Teaching Students Research Skills:

63 Easy Science Experiments for Kids at Home:

KHAN Academy:


10 Easy Toddler Activities:

PBS Kids —

Coronavirus Educational Resources List —

Free Learning Packs —

Elementary School

Free Educational Worksheets for Kids:

Free Worksheets for Kids by Grade (K- 5):

Elementary School — My cousin teaches elementary school and has this awesome YOUTube Channel —

Resources by Subject —

Food Coverage for K-12 Students

Master List of Localized Resources:

Elementary School — My cousin teaches elementary school and has this awesome YOUTube Channel —

High School

Free Essay Editing & Scholarship Workshops —

High School Math Resources:

High School History Resources:

High School Art Resources:

High School English Language Arts Resources:

ACT/SAT Test Prep:

40 Best Educational Podcasts:


Resources for Artists

For Business Owners:

For Small Business:

For Nonprofits

450+ Free Ivy League Courses

Free Class: What is a nonprofit organization:

If you have any additional resources please list them in the comments below.

Donnie Belcher

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Donnie Belcher (IG @donnienicole84) is a life-coach, business strategist & the owner of wellness company Whatever we say comes looking for us.

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