Donnie Bombardier
Aug 30, 2018 · 4 min read

Many scientific papers are hard to understand due to their poor writing. Verbose style, unmethodical presentation of ideas, excess or lack of details in an article can make a good idea be lost for the scientific community.

Following simple guidelines can greatly improve the quality of scientific papers sent for publication. So, what you have to do to take into consideration to have good writing tips?

Clarity is the key!

The most important feature of the scientific research is precision. Similarly, the primary character of scientific writing should be clarity. Unlike literary writing, where the use of style figures and multiple understandings is not only accepted, but even encouraged, in scientific writing, in which many phenomena are described and explained for the first time, words and expressions should be used with one meaning, and clarity should be the first.

Unfortunately, in the real world of scientific publications, this desideratum is not always met. Many researchers cannot express their hypotheses and conclusions clearly and simply.

Study planning and documentation

Writing a quality article begins with the planning of the study. This approach forces the author to organize his ideas and discover elements he does not yet understand.

Take as many notes, even more than you think they will use. You can find them useful during the study. Make copies of the articles that are useful to you and number them. This will help you compile the bibliography.

The use of Internet resources in scientific research is more and more frequent. Searches of items of interest that in the past have lasted for months can be done within minutes. Abstracts or even whole articles found in online databases can be saved in the personal computer or sent to their personal e-mail address and can then be printed to be read more conveniently.

Use online tools

Various online services allow importing bibliographic references and adapting them to the formats used by most journals.

This feature allows for a considerable time and energy saving. Most scientific societies now publish their journals online as well. Some of these journals allow free access to their articles, which can be viewed and copied in various or partial applications, including tables or illustrations.

At present, some of the electronic editions of the journals publish, together with their articles, ancillary files containing explanations, extensive descriptions of the methods, results tables and other elements that make it easier to understand and adapt the content of the works to the needs of other researchers.

The structure your article

The scientific format has a rigid structure, resulting from the need to communicate effectively and consistently scientific findings to a large number of researchers. The scientific format allows studying articles at different levels: some people read only the titles to make an opinion on the information contained in the articles. Others read only the title and the summary.

Those who are interested in the subject matter will also want to read the Results or Conclusions section. By using a standard format for your artist, you ensure that the reader will retain important data regardless of the level of depth in which he studies your article.

The standard format is indicated for articles describing original scientific studies and is not compulsory for theoretical papers and articles.

Most of the scientific articles are divided into the following sections: Title, Authors, Abstract, Introduction, Methods, Results, Discussion, Thanks, and Bibliography. In this way, the one who is checking your scientific writing will see if you are respecting the academic line.

Keep it simple!

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Following the simple writing tips described above, can greatly improve the quality of your articles. Your work will be better perceived, and the answer you receive from others will help you improve your research work. All in all, you should keep in mind that even the hardest things can be done with a little help from the right person.