Every Late Night Talk Show Is A Sleazy Plutocratic Rim Job
Caitlin Johnstone

Well said. As someone who used to be very politically active , I used to love watching the Daily Show and Bill Maher’s Real Time in the 2000’s, as I had a very polarized viewpoint. In 2006, when I was writing for the Huff Post, I woke up and realized the two dominant political parties may verbally spar but continuously acted as one and were essentially puppets to the true power players (banks, corporations, the military industrial complex, the pharmaceutical industry. Suddenly, the Daily Show and Bill Maher no longer appealed to me. Neither did mainstream media, which more and more seemed like a stone’s throw away from Fox. I now only listen to Pacifica Radio/KPFK and though I don’t agree with everyone’s viewpoint on every program, I know it’s not a corporate sponsored narrative. I recently watched the reunion Jon Stewart had with his former Daily Show correspondents on Colbert’s show and though it felt warm to see them reminisce about episodes I used to watch, it was like seeing an ex I wished well but knew I would never again want to be with.

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