Do I know you?
Ender Wiggin

I’ve learned some things since I commented yesterday after this post, and it’s like I haven’t seen the elephant in the room so busy I’ve been with criticism. The word hero is really overused and usually not applied to who it should be applied to. You, Ender, are one. That you’ve never actually did it, acted out upon the world your sexual orientation, something so central to the make up of one’s ego that gives a satisfaction par none in terms of what the material world can give, since it hits the spot in a way no other pleasure can, is an extraordinary achievement and an incredible sacrifice to society, one that bombards you at almost every turn to hit the spot, satisfy your desires. You don’t deserve our hate. You deserve our praise, you and all like you.

Pedophiles who have and who have stopped, realized it’s wrong and straightened themselves out, really can’t come out unless they’ve been convicted by the system and served whatever punishment it doles out, else they would be in danger of arrest, even if they’re 80 or 9o years old, and it was back in the 1950's. As long as the victim is still alive the case is in today’s unforgiving society. So it’s you and those like you that can carry the torch for society’s understanding. Carry it for all and not just those just like you, a narrowness unbecoming of the moral courage you show.

I’d ask you to be understanding to both those who have stopped and those who haven’t, include them in your quest for society’s understanding on this issue, with qualifications of course, identify with them to the degree you do not judge them or wish them harm, to the degree your empathy may help them to stop harming if they haven’t. Lord knows they don’t get it from anywhere else. If you wish them in prison, they’ll be among the largest percent of people that want them dead. Remember that. Society hates the pedophile more than any other group generally, and in its prison’s it’s pretty much hell, and their position is generally worse than those who’ve killed people, worse than anyone else whatever anybody else has done. There’s scapegoat happening there, not justice, and you wouldn’t wish that on anyone or recommend that to anybody.

Myself, I’m going to put my movie on pause and not be too active online for awhile, and so you won’t see anymore comments. In other words, I’m stepping back from discussion for some time, and so you need not reply if you don’t really feel like it. I’m not calling you out.

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