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Adolf Hitler too was elected by a democratic process. Like Trump, he capitalized on his nation’s dire economic crisis by making sweeping, grandiose promises for recovery. He too used fear and hatred to whip his ignorant, alt-right, uber-conservative followers into a voting frenzy. Still, there were many people who knew what he was and spoke out against him. These protesters were hunted down, imprisoned, tortured, and murdered outright by his Nazi goons. If only more people had refused to vote for him, if only more people had protested against him, if only more countries had stood up to him, Hitler NEVER would have been able to cause the deaths of over 80 MILLION people worldwide!

History DOES repeat itself, people. The players might be different, but the result could very well be the same — or WORSE. Like Hitler, Trump is a sociopathic megalomaniac whose greed outweighs all other concerns. Trump has said he “wouldn’t have a problem using nuclear weapons”. If that doesn’t terrify you, it SHOULD. We could be looking at not only the end of the United States, but quite possibly the end of the entire planet. No matter what happens from now on, don’t try blaming the Democrats. To paraphrase a song, “You knew damn well he was a snake before you let him in.” (And FYI: Hitler and Stalin also had a “non-aggression” pact. That went well.) RESIST!!!