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The GOP doesn’t have a clue how to “fix” the ACA, and they don’t give a damn about the welfare of the People. Their motives are based purely on obstructionism, divisiveness and outright hatred of ANYTHING pertaining to the Democrats. Besides that, these rich SOBs will get FREE healthcare FOR LIFE!! Why should they care if I can’t afford any at all?? Obamacare LITERALLY saved my wife’s life. She was diagnosed with cancer shortly before the ACA went into effect. We couldn’t afford regular insurance, but then with her diagnosis, NO insurance company would cover either of us! In other words, we were basically told she could just go home and wait to die. The ACA allowed us to get a good policy at a greatly reduced cost. My wife got the treatment she needed and she is alive today ONLY because of Obamacare! What kind of greedy, black-hearted ba$tard$ would want to take that away??