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The next to go should be Steve Bannon. Bannon is a sick, psychotic, racist, delusional hate-monger, who has openly stated that he looks forward to the Apocalypse. Imagine this scenario: Bannon whispers in Trump’s ear, “Mr. President, China has just launched nuclear weapons at us! We have to act NOW!” According to military tacticians, Trump would have only FIVE MINUTES to launch a counter attack in hopes — SLIM hopes — of destroying “some” of the missiles. Now, can you imagine Trump, bumbling, clueless buffoon that he is, trying to make a decision of this magnitude — EVEN IF IT WAS BASED ON A LIE? This is NOT “science fiction”, people. There is a very REAL danger of a global nuclear war with an avowed Neo-Nazi lunatic like Bannon hovering over our so-called President. We are entering a very dark time in America. It’s up to US to do something about Trump and Bannon before it’s too late!

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