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Trump is simply using the presidency to continue building his financial empire. This is tantamount to a govt takeover. In its place he will create a plutocratic dictatorship. He couldn’t care less about the plight of the American worker (much less, women, children, minorities, and the elderly). His goal is worldwide economic domination. Soon he will begin defunding (or eliminating) all the social programs that were designed to help the very people who elected him. He will privatize these agencies and install his cronies as CEOs with multi-million dollar salaries. Benefits to those in need will be drastically reduced, while pensions, bonuses, and perks to his Wall Street co-conspirators increase. He wants to triple the size of the military. For what? To protect himself when the riots begin? I have no doubt that Trump would — and WILL — without hesitation, use National Guard forces against US citizens. This is a man without compassion or conscience, without morals or ethics. The only thing he feels is GREED and a lust for POWER. And he will do anything to anyone to get it and keep it.