2017 Dialogue-Writing Challenge: Day 8
Scott Myers


Server ROBERT waits as Chef DAMIEN finishes plating a steak tartare.

DAMIEN: Don’t forget to remind the customers about our new meat supplier — it’s gonna get those fuckin’ foodie bloggers excited for sure.

ROBERT: You got it chef.

ROBERT picks up the steak tartare and passes through the galley doors into a narrow hallway where HOSTESS stands.

HOSTESS: I just seated a couple at table 6.

ROBERT: Thanks girl, I…

ROBERT misses a step, sending quail yolk over the tartare’s lip and onto the plate. He sets the messy plate before a group of diners wordlessly before heading to table 6, where his ex-girlfriend ALLISON sits with her date.

ROBERT: Hello.

ALLISON: Wow! Robert! I didn’t know you worked here. It’s been a long time hasn’t it?

ROBERT: You mean since you dumped me after my cousin’s funeral? Yeah it’s been a long time.

ALLISON: Yeah… so how long have you been here?

ROBERT: Oh about two years now. It was the best job I could manage after spending my 20’s in a drunken, drug-addled stupor trying to forget you and meanwhile burning every bridge I’d ever built.

ALLISON: I would hope that you and I could’ve been water under the bridge by now… I mean… it’s been so long Bobby…

ROBERT: Well it can’t really be water under the bridge if I don’t have anymore bridges, can it Ally?!

ALLISON’S DATE: Woah bro, chill out a little. Can we like, get the specials or something?

ROBERT: Are you for real with this guy Allison? No, I can’t get you the specials, BRO.

ALLISON: We should probably find somewhere else to eat Greg…

ROBERT: Oh so just like that you’re gonna leave again, huh Allison? After all this time without a word and you’re gonna just leave. Again!

ALLISON’S DATE: Hey man! You don’t get to yell at my date!

ROBERT: Hey, Greg. I’m glad you’re taking such great care of your belongings, like your date!

ALLISON: That’s enough Bobby. C’mon Greg.

As Allison and her date get up to leave, Robert stands frozen in place. Damien approaches from behind, putting his hand on Robert’s shoulder and passes him his coat.

DAMIEN: Go home Robert, it’s a slow night anyway.

Robert can only nod silently as he exits through the front door, uncaring of the many eyes on his back. He lights a cigarette, and walks off into the night.

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