Web3 needs DevOps

Web3 DevOps: The Series

Building a DevOps pipeline for the Ethereum blockchain

I recently tweeted about a DevOps pipeline I created for a Web3 project which got more engagement than I expected.

The responses encouraged me to complete the pipeline and create a blog series to show others what I had done.

In this series I will show how I implemented DevOps best practices for a Distributed Application (dApp) running on the Ethereum blockchain.

This will not be an introduction to DevOps or Web3 development. There are plenty of resources online to bring you up to speed on Web3 and DevOps. Therefore, prior knowledge of both topics is assumed. This will simply show how to apply DevOps to Web3 development.

The final pipeline built using Azure Pipelines will have a Dev, QA, and Prod environment. The Dev environment will deploy the application to a personal Ethereum blockchain using Ganache running in a container. QA will deploy to the Rinkeby testnet and finally Prod will deploy to Ethereum mainnet. The front end will be hosted in Azure Static Web Apps.

To get started you can read the first post in the series Web3 DevOps: Part 1 — Compiling and Testing.


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