Wordle Dashboardle: Beating Wordle with Tableau


  • Gray: In this case, the letter indicated by the gray tile is not in the Wordle. For example, if the Wordle is SAUCE and you guess RULES, the letters R and L will be gray.
  • Yellow: Here, the letter indicated by the yellow tile is in the Wordle but in the wrong position. If you thus guess BREAD while the Wordle is EMBER, the E and R in BREAD will be yellow.
  • Green: The green tile shows that the letter is in the Wordle and in the correct position. For example, if the Wordle is EMBER and you guess EMAIL, the E and M in EMAIL will be green.


My Wordle dashboard, after a hypothetical first turn.
A screenshot of the data structure in Alteryx
A screenshot from Alteryx, showing the combined wide and long data structure for the word ABOVE.


Overall letter frequency graph
Positional letter frequency graph


  • Gray parameter: With this parameter, I can perform a row-level calculation that tests EACH word to determine if it contains a letter in the gray parameter string. if the word contains ANY of the letters in the parameter, that word is dropped.
  • Yellow parameters: Since a yellow tile means the target Wordle contains that letter, we first need to filter to only words that CONTAIN the letters from each yellow parameter. However, a yellow letter also means that the letter is NOT at that position, meaning we simultaneously need to filter to only words that do NOT have any of the yellow letters at those positions.
  • Green parameters: Finally, we can use the green parameters to filter the word list based on letters appearing at specific positions. So, if a word starts with an E, we can filter the list to include only words that start with an E.





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