Vidgeos Review


Vidgeos is a web based video creation and marketing application which can do some pretty crazy-cool things. Example With Vidgeos You can set your video to instantly detect and translate the text in the video to the language of the viewer. So if some one watches your video in China, the video will be shown in Chinese text! This literally opens you up to BILLIONS of other people as to my surprise.

Only 335 million people out of 7 BILLION actually are native English speakers. Meaning until now you have only been able to market to a small segment of the world! Vidgeos takes care of that. It’s the first ever smart video creation and marketing application which enables you to create viewer specific smart videos. That can even instantly translate the text of the video to the language of each unique viewer — Opening you up to global markets!

Alongside the cool text translation feature, you can also creative custom videos with super cool animations and even SMART elements which can display the viewers Time, Date, City, Country to instantly capture their attention and draw them into your marketing message!

Creating vidgeos is as easy as drag & drop, point & click. It comes with pre-built templates for quick start video creation and you can also build out your videos from scratch adding on stunning animations and effects.

  • Automatic text translation
  • Viewer specific LIVE smart videos & elements
  • One click PRO animations
  • Instant video processing
  • Marketing CTA’s & Opt-in forms
  • Built in sleek video player
  • Ultra easy to use drag & drop editor
  • Fully Windows & Mac Compatible

Is it really that good? Nope.. It’s better than what words can explain

Making money online is all about turning your website visitors into customers… And what is the main tool ALL the top vendors on ClickBank, JVZoo and other marketplaces use? VIDEO — Of course. You go over and take a look at every BEST seller on these marketplaces and you’ll find that there #1 tool is video.

Knowing this — If video converts. How important is video to your marketing? You see, NOT EVERY video converts.

We’ve seen it over and over again, and stats show that if you use video effectively in your marketing — You can KILL it online. It’s what all the top vendors on JVzoo, Clickbank and other market places use as there #1 tool for high conversions. BUT! Those videos can ONLY market in one language. Did you know that out of over 7 BILLION people on the planet, only 335 million actually are native english speakers.

I know, surprise to me as well. But that means you and I are both missing out on BILLIONS of people due to our language barrier… You wouldn’t believe me if I TOLD you, so you need to head on over to this page as I SHOW you
something that’s going to change this forever!

It’s called “Vidgeos” — And boy wait to you see what this can do for you business.

I’m not ONLY talking about global marketing with 1 video, but also viewer specific live elements, animated and fully interactive elements which move when you hover your mouse on them. AND MUCH MORE. No, Actually, MORE than MORE. I’m raving, because I know YOU MUST check this out and get yourself a copy! — For your own good.

Vidgeos not only enables you to create super effective videos, but also opens you up to the global marketplace. How?

Your videos will translate automatically to the language of each viewer based on their location. Meaning you now have an audience of not just the 335 MILLION native english speakers. BUT — the rest of the 7 BILLION people who don’t speak english! That’s why VIDGEOS is the must-have tool for 2016!

This offer is only available till FRIDAY so act fast to lock in your lifetime account today!