LOL.. whether “James Galbraith [is] a joke in the field” does not change the fact that he is an…
Joshua Alexander

I’m surprised none of the commenters pointed to the major error in this article.

If you search “amendment king” + sanders, it will bring you to dozens of articles describing in great detail Mayor/Representative/Senator Sanders’ voluminous, concrete accomplishments, in Vermont and throughout the nation.

Are you a veteran or know any veterans? Talk to them and find out why even the most conservative Republican veterans revere (not my word — they often use this word myself) Sanders.

Did you know that Sanders was considered the most accomplished congressman for a period of more than a decade, having passed (not suggested, not proposed, passed) more amendments than any other member of either house of Congress?

Did you know that cities around the world (not a typo, around the **world**) have drawn inspiration from the way that Mayor Sanders set up Community Trusts in Burlington — a small government program respected by conservatives and liberals alike, that provides low income housing with the land held in trust by a non-profit organization?

Did you know that Sanders — even several decades later — has been given much if not most of the credit for turning a dying, industrial city into what is widely considered one of the top 5 most livable cites in the United States?

This is the person that the author of this article portrays as not accomplishing anything. If you do unbiased research, you will come to rather dramatically different conclusions than what you find in this article.