Don —You say in your response:
Lynn Mansfield

“I don’t and never even implied that.” My Goodness, that is exactly what BBCE does for people that otherwise DO NOT QUALIFY for SNAP because of their assets and/or gross income. And you are defending it. The federal guideline is 130% of the FPL. The state is using 200% of FPL, and throwing out asset limits all together. “I am a more than able reader and researcher.” Then you should probably research a topic you are going to comment on. Since you obviously have very little first-hand experience dealing with “the poor” I suggest you find a search engine like that “Google” thing that works with your computer’s operating system. Relying on the biased emotional nonsense you get reading TP without verifying anything makes you sound like a fool. I realize that you compensate by feeling superior to anyone who doesn’t “care” as much as you do, but slinging insults instead of knowledge really doesn’t bring anyone around to your point of view. Don’t try dishing it out if you are too thin skinned to take it in return. Pencil dick, indeed.

And yes those were real people I was talking about. Their names are “Dave” and “Bob.” When I am not busy insulting self-righteous fools, I try to do what little I can that makes their lives a bit easier. It isn’t about “deserving” its about the difference between bitching and fixing. I also volunteer at two local food pantries. I planted over thirty trees so far this year without having to fly anywhere in my private jet. I run a cat rescue. And I get almost all my electric from solar. So hate away. That would really bother me. Meanwhile, since I am obviously too stubborn and you are too stupid it is clear that further conversation on this article is pointless. But thanks for “caring” and Have A Nice Day.