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My Goodness. I am beginning to wonder why I even try to talk to you people. Alan Pyke is suffering from the vapors because there are 133,000 people who will no longer get SNAP because THEY DO NOT QUALIFY FOR SNAP. Listen. Carefully. If their application, listing family size income and expenses, says they are qualified to receive SNAP benefits, guess what. THEY GET SNAP BENEFITS. They can qualify for a free phone. They can get heating assistance or daycare or a subsidy for their health insurance if they are eligible. But. How does that automatically make them eligible for SNAP unless their application — YES that ugly “case -by-case basis” application with pesky details about family size and income and expenses- says they are eligible for SNAP. Do you want the money for SNAP to go to the people who actually need that money, or do you want to give it to people who don’t qualify based on their application?

Before you even start your tolerant loving liberal rant about hating all those haters, lets get this part over with. I concede that I must be a terrible person, so please confine your remarks to the facts, not an attack on me. There, that was quick. And you now have nothing to say. But God Bless You anyway and Thanks for Caring.

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