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The full horror? What a Drama Queen.

“Such a deep cut could be backbreaking for the more than 40 million Americans.” The majority of those 40 million Americans Will. NOT. Be. Affected.

“State lawmakers required to cover only one half of the program’s lean administrative costs.” They are lean in some states, averaging only $12 per household per month. But in California, that administrative cost is $68 with half paid by state and half by feds. That is disgraceful when millions of households on SNAP do not even get $68 a month.

“ Forcing state appropriators to come up with one dollar out of every five spent.” Forcing only those states manipulating BBCE loopholes so they can give SNAP to clients whose income exceeds 130% of the poverty level. The federal guideline is $32,000 for a family of four. Many states “cook the books” to allow a small SNAP stipend to a family of four earning $40,000 to $49,000. That is a little ridiculous, unless you really want the whole country on Food Stamps.

“Are already required to work or volunteer their time in order to continue receiving benefits.” Then why are there still over four million ABAWD who presently receive SNAP even though they do NOT work, do NOT volunteer, do NOT take part in a job search or job training program. Run your Google thing over “Jason Greenslate” because he is still one of them and some of us are tired of it.

Nothing in Trump’s proposal is going to reduce benefits to children, seniors, or disabled who meet the federal gross income limitation of 130% of the poverty level.

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