Jeff Jarvis

Jeff Jarvis is right to be pissed and frustrated. Can you imagine your real name being used as a satire account without clear attribution as such? What low class publisher would publish fake content so easily attributable to a real person AND hide the fact that it is satire? Don’t answer that. What is the point?? It’s not funny. I love @BoredElonMusk and @God and we all loved @FakeSteveJobs. These are/were great satire handles with content worthy of cartoons. The crap I saw attributed to Prof Jeff Jarvis was not even close to that.

Jarvis is a public figure worthy of a satire account. I’m sure he would be honored to have a satirical fan posting anything at all, just not crap that could actually stick to him. His name is Professor Jeff Jarvis. Its not funny to impersonate or literally steal someone’s identity as a byline.

For a piece to have satirical value, the byline better be clearly fake.

Thank you Jeff Jarvis and I do hope you sleep well tonight and every other night. Hugs from the Internet.