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This is how Trump handles diversity. Whenever he is faced with horrendous failure of his own behavior he does something or says something completely outrageous and unacceptable to draw attention away from the previous gaffe. If the new gaffe is not so bad or has any support he will linger on that issue for awhile until the next bomb drops OR if people are losing interest he will create another controversy just to amp up the interest in his audience. His opponents often call for his views on substance like strategy for resolving ISIS or the economy but he really has no solutions for those issues and it really appears he doesn’t care about them at all because they just are not interesting enough and he knows he will never win a substantive debate on those issues so he just focuses on how to get attention but not so much of the type which is demonized like 90% of Americans who abhor sexual assault. (not the 10% of deplorables who love groping women especially if they resist)

In this case he put on his little “victim” show and brought the “victims” to the debate and he rolled out his Stalinist threat to have his opponent imprisoned if he wins. The two pronged strategy was such a distraction we almost lost sight of the fact that it was proven that he thinks of women as sex toys for his entertainment (as long as they are “hot”)

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