Machiavelli and I would have been pals.

I reread The Prince recently.

It’s a fantastic book, and rather misunderstood.

Niccolo wasn’t a conniving, manipulative, devious trickster, as history itself has misled us to believe.

He was simply a brilliant strategist.

And arguably, one of the world’s first behavioural psychologists.

My own strategy for success is Machiavellian.

I call it EVAC, it’s a tried and tested strategy that almost always wins pitches, convinces customers and builds businesses.

It stands for Ensure Victory, Avoid Catastrophe.

Which is what I’m currently doing with my first invention, the 1nhaler.

So what’s been happening since my last update? Well, here we go…

The 1nhaler is patent pending and trademarked, so my intellectual property is protected.

It has been set up as a business ready for SEIS or EIS seed funding.

I’m building an advisory and complimentary team around me to take the device to a first viability and prototype stage (more cool news on that soon).

I’ve connected to many life sciences industry specialists and begun conversations with the best people in their field globally who can advise and consult on the component parts of my device.

I have a very well structured business plan and presentation ready for investors or industry partners.

Design and branding work is underway and marketing materials, including a demonstration video are coming soon.

And I have so many good meetings happening that the 1nhaler is already arousing interest in inhaled medicine circles.

I’m also going to Istanbul in two weeks to attend a global ‘Inhaled Drug Delivery’ conference. As well as another in December in my home town of Edinburgh.

The 1nhaler has been taking up all of my time, but my own business, One Hundred Flowers, is also doing fine.

I’ve done a little consulting work on creative proposition development, and agency modelling strategies. There’s some other consulting in the pipeline.

And I’m also potentially partnering with a team of engineers, scientists and strategists on a very important challenge regarding Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD).

And all of that on top of managing school holidays and Edinburgh Festival disruption.

It feels good though. Really good. Really, really good.

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