Where I keep my hook

The early days of business are exhausting

I was given a great piece of advice recently by a good friend.

We were discussing my new business and I was explaining how much time I spend having meetings with prospects.

When I mentioned taking a week off to take stock and catch my breath he relayed a great story about the man who taught him to fly fish.

My friend had always wanted to be a fly fisherman. He loved the tranquillity, the focus, the setting, and, most of all, the elegant nature of casting the fly on the line.

His mentor taught him exactly how to flick his wrist and swoosh the line into the air, before dropping the hook deftly back into the water.

And so he fished. Regularly whipping his line back and watching it arc through the sky fluidly before returning it to the surface of the river.

“Son, where are the fish?” his mentor asked him.

Taken aback by the simplistic nature of his question, he responded “What?”

“Where are the fish?” He was asked again.

“…In the river.” He answered.

“Well keep your fucking hook in the water!”

I haven’t taken any time off. I’m having more meetings than ever.

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