True. I am 45 years old after all.
Justin Small

Wish him well for me mate.

It’s actually a pretty amazing story, especially in the current global-political climate.

The amazing transformation of greyhound in all aspects of the business, brand, digital, marketing, technology, etc, is a tribute to all those who have worked on it.

And when you think that two British agencies, Realise and Bio have led that change, it’s a great story for international trade and the connected economy.

I’m actually spending time today with the person from First Group with whom I first started this whole journey, a good friend of mine.

The strategic work we did for First Scotrail on their franchise bid is what opened the door for Realise (and yourself) to build fantastic relationships with First Group and consequently Greyhound.

The brand and the business look very different today than it did a few years ago before our respective involvement.

I’m incredibly proud of the work my own design team have done on the brand (I call it a rebrand, but arguably it’s a brand evolution) as well as the wider team at Realise. I’m sure you feel the same about your team.

Hope the trip is productive.

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