Donson Brooks | How to become a sales executive?

Sales executive Donson Brooks is a great seller in any industry, having years of experience in the most different niches. He is known for his customer service and relentless professional follow up. Donson Brooks also have experience in business to business sales, marketing and lead generation. He also has experience in training sales teams, sharing his secrets and best practices with the inexperienced professionals of the field, helping them to gain the confidence that a salesperson needs.

Donson Brooks is a top producer, sales and marketing dynamo. He received his degree in Business and marketing from University of Oklahoma in 1986 and currently is the CEO of RKM Capital. Donson Brooks is a visionary professional known for his ethics and good client relationship, and an expert in consummate Business-to-Business sales, as also in preserving margins by positioning products and services as solution for clients’ challenges, writing sales proposals and making compelling C-level presentations. Currently Donson Brooks is the CEO of RKM Capital “Group”. Read More…

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