People… Scare me.

Flamingos at the Houston Zoo

Yes. I am a photographer. And yes. People scare me.

To be more specific. It is portrait photography. I have never done it. I have always been more fascinated by things other than people. Going up to a person on the street and asking them, “May I take your photo?” really scares me. I do take photos of family, but that’s it.

Maybe it’s the introvert in me. I don’t know.

But I want to take photos of people. And I know I am making excuses. I know it’s not hard. My seniors have told me constantly to build up the courage to photograph people. But I feel like I will end up wasting their time.

Maybe I am scared of criticism.

Or maybe, I somehow give off a very negative aura. I have terrible people skills and I am trying to overcome it. I recently decided to post an ad on University’s student Facebook group asking people to give me the opportunity to photograph them. So, more like a plea for help. Just 10 photos, only one person, and it is for free. Yes, it is the dreaded “I am going to get exposure” thingy. At this point, I want people to know about me and my skills. I want people to truly appreciate it. I am not looking for likes, also I don’t get much because I don’t understand The Science of Likes.

So far, one person has responded (Yeeee!) but Houston decided to show its ugly side this week with unpredictable rain patterns. Way to rain on my parade.

Let’s see how that goes.