Comedy is the Most Dangerous Job in the World

What I think About Comedians

When I first came across this post, I thought to myself, “hey this seems interesting lets give it a shot.” Then as I was reading this I came across a lot of points that I disagreed with. While it may be right that satirists like Charlie Hebdo died because of his work, lets not act like all comedians are souless and only get up just to do drugs and tell the next joke.

When you stated that eighty-five percent of comedians smoke pot, it sounds like you have only written that to say that they can not function without it and only do it to cope with their ‘sad’ lives as comedians. A lot of comedians would say that smoking pot in fact helps them with their craft, such as George Calin, he believes that even one hit of marijuana can take some of his comedic writing to places that are deeper and funnier than when he is sober.

You also state that once one goes into comedy, they will never be able to leave or ‘graduate’ from comedy. I want to refute this point also, for example a comedian like Jim Carrey, while he is a comedian he also does some serious movies such as ‘the number 23'. Also comparing comedy to porn is a bit of a stretch, lets not act like we’ve never seen porn, the acting is completely atrocious. You could say comedy is almost a must for society just off of the entertainment we need as human beings, I have never met a person who does not like a good laugh.

Another point I want to add, it seems like the impression you have on comedians is that they live empty lives filled with drugs and depression. There are plenty of comedians today who are happy and living successful lives, and just to name a few: Kevin Hart, Aziz Ansari, Dave Chappelle, Jim Carrey, Will Ferrell, James Franco, and Chris Rock to name a few. All of them are able to go out in life and say that they have accomplished something, they are able to look back and say they have done something worthwhile. While not everybody is cut out to be a comedian those who do end up making it are doing what they love and who is to say that they are not just using being a comedian as a gateway to get into another job. There are a lot of reasons one does the things that they do, and we should not judge a person just based on their profession. Meanwhile to say they have it the ‘worst’ because they survived being a comedian is at least to me sullying.

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