Gidget Jones Mother of Many, Mom to None

Today is Mother’s day and I wish a great one to all the amazing moms around the world!

For me this is a moment for me to reflect on the past, the many children I brought into this world to bring joy to so many families, all while I was stuck in a cage. I loved every one of my daughters and sons, but that was not enough to be allowed to stay with them; I was only a cog in the puppy mill machine. It is so sad for me to share my story but I feel it necessary in order that you can understand my life.

Please don’t feel sorry for me but I need you to understand why, when you buy a puppy, it is so important you know where it came from and what the conditions are like for its parents And please, promise to never by discount dogs, purebred or not from places like kijiji, if the deal is too good to be true, chances are there is someone paying for it.

I was used only as a breeder dog, I don’t blame them as I know I am beautiful. Maybe that is why I was chosen. I have a gentle touch and a big goofy smile for anyone I meet.

This is how they do things with pretty dogs like me. They first set up a breeding area where we can be kept alive, just barely, enough to produce litter after litter. I can’t even remember how many I had as I was in so long I lost track.

Two litters per year was the norm, multiply that by 4 pups, equals 8, average cost for quick sale is about $1500 so I was quite a money-maker in my day. Who wouldn’t want an easy $10,000 to $15,000 per year by doing nothing but posting ads? Now multiply that by five or 10 or more and you have a business. Albeit a hideous business!

I witnessed so much mistreatment of my roommates it was unreal. Living out my days in loneliness, all I could look forward to was the day when I gave birth. The day I gave birth was the only day I was ever given the proper attention I so much deserved. We were underfed, with no human interaction, my pups were taken from me far too soon…it was a very nasty cycle of cruelty.

One day my prayers were answered, as a loving lady who could not bear to see what was happening to me came to my rescue and after more than five years of torture I was saved.

It was not easy for her though, as I needed a lot of medical attention. No one person could have kept me because of my vet bills alone were in the $1000s. But then in came Zoe’s Animal Rescue to save the day, and my life!

It took them a long time as I was a basket case when they first met me. I was much skinny, had poor coat and skin conditions and was lethargic. My ears were actively infected and itchy and painful. I had not been to the vet at all. Can you believe it? As much as I made them they would not spend a nickel more than they had to on me. Call me Oliver Twist.

Getting my allergies and infections under control took a long time and they discovered that my hindquarters could not be fixed. My rear had no gear left as I spent too much time in a cage, walking was not an accepted practice at the puppy mill! I also came away with very thick ears from constant infections that were never treated.

Now a days I am happy to be alive and I bring lots of happiness to my family.

If you are looking for a great dog I highly recommend that you adopt. If you are determined to buy please make sure it is from a proper breeder. They are easy to find but prices might scare you. Make sure you check to see what conditions the mothers are kept in and ask how many litters the mother has had. If they don’t know or won’t tell you, that is a bad sign. People that do this to dogs don’t call themselves puppy mills but you can figure it out if you ask the right questions and poke around a bit.

Thank you for your time reading this, I will be back again soon to share cheerful stories of what Zoes and my new family are up to.