Preparing For Success By Growing Organically

Hello everyone, and welcome to this week’s Design Life’s blog post. Where we share everything we have learned to help you become a better designer and grow your brands reach online. I want to share with you a topic that I have struggled with for months, and how it as affected my mindset for my brand and the content I produce.

I was faced with a choice, like most you are facing with now; growing an online presence organically or through a serious of hacks to produce results quickly. I first starting using hacks, tips, cheats go gain the numbers on social media. Quickly I realized the numbers were increasing daily, but the engagement was going nowhere. This to me was a major issue, and something I needed to correct fast.

I wanted to create a community, and not just have followers. I knew I needed to change my direct and focus on growing my reach organically to build long-lasting relationships around my brand. I wanted to share the steps I took with all you, so you too can create organic long-term growth around your brand.
How to prepare and seek organic growth, and the benefits it brings…

1. Be strategic about who you follow:

Follow people in your industry that inspire you

Follow brands who you would like to do work for in the future

Follow people who are interested in the same things you are

Follow people who are engaging with your content

2. Create content your industry will want to consume….

Your content must be relevant
Create content that educates, motivates, or entertains your audience
Create a content schedule and stick to it each week

3. Do not automate response, but respond to every engagement personally…

This helps to boost engagement, and spark conversations
Leads to people getting to know your brand on a more intimate level
Allows the person following you feel too you

4. Share content that inspires you and that you like …

Follow people, sports, etc that you like and are a fan of to show your personality to your potential followers
If there is someone who you watch daily or inspires your work show them some love with a follow and create a relationship with them through engagement.

5. Stay true to your brand in all the content you create….

Create content you know your audience will engage with
Make sure your content includes knowledge that will motivate action out of its consumer.

Enjoy the journey and all its wonders, and you will build an audience that will listen to you no matter what your content you create.
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