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Image courtesy of BBC: BBC news deepfake example
Image courtesy of BBC: BBC news deepfake example

Deepfake. It’s a horrible sounding word, used to describe how evil geniuses are using Artificial Intelligence to create realistic #fakenews to control our minds… right?

Yes and no.

Arthur C Clarke said “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”, and if you believe the press, deepfakes are black magic that needs control. But, if you can look past the negative uses, this new AI video production technology could have real advantages for your brand or business.

What is Deepfake video?

I’ll avoid the technical, but if you want more there’s a great piece here.

Deepfake videos are generally created…

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After Facebook’s big announcement that they’ll be spearheading a new cryptocurrency called Libra, the press and governments have been up in arms. From the expected consumer trust question around the risk of Facebook using your financial data for advertising, to bigger questions on whether the creation of currency is something only governments should have the power to do. It’s definitely got attention and has even been reported that the US Congress has asked them to “immediately cease implementation plans”.

But, unlike their editorial responsibilities, Facebook has thought about this one and you should keep it on…

Mark Davis

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