Update vOuch, Edged out.

vSlice (“VSL”) or should we say vOuch started at .01 Ether to 1 vSlice granted at that stage Ether was trading at $10 but now its 0.001216 ETH, Taking ETHER at $50 thats $0.0608 at ICO it was $0.1 or in better terms its down from 10c to 6c. The only exchanges it appears to be trading on is liqui.io and EtherDelta but volumes are small.

Melon (“MLN”) presently trading at .728419 ETH at ICO it was 2.2 ETH but Ether was at $12.2 so again taking Ether at $50 started at $26.84 now its $36.42 a nice return, I still think think, this is one to watch, I was playing around with the Alpha on the test network, but with all the issues, I think they moved over to the Parity test network and I have just not had the time to figure that out. Trading on Kraken, EtherDelta, Liqui, not an exchange Bitcoinsuisse.

Golem (“GNT”) presently at .001890 ETH issued at 0.001 Ether so a massive gain considering the huge rise in the price of Ether. Trading on EtherDelta, Liqui and Poloniex.

Edgeless (“EDG”) issued at .001 presently at .0009188 ETH. So a big drop. Trading on EtherDelta and Liqui. I still like this one, with all the caveats that its gambling etc etc.

So there has been an explosion of activity in this space, not surprisingly, most of it is utter crud. Some like Golem, Melonport though ambitious seem to have potential. Edgeless interests me because thay have a working beta.