The Cladogenesis of the Left

Cladogenesis is an evolutionary splitting event where a parent species splits into two distinct species, forming a clade”.

This event usually occurs… when environmental changes cause several extinctions, opening up ecological niches for the survivors and causing population bottlenecks and founder effects changing allele frequencies of diverging populations compared to their ancestral population.

— Wikipedia

Though cladogenesis — in contrast to Anagenesis — will typically occur more quickly and after successive environmental changes, I will argue that even though I believe an environmental disturbance was the prime mover in this process, that the human meta-environment (economic environment of the Western world) was stable enough over the course of the last several generations for the changes to accrue somewhat slowly — though not measured in geologic time.

My belief is that the scientific descriptors of cladogenesis (environmental changes, several extinctions, ecological niches, population bottlenecks, founder effects, and allele frequencies) maps almost perfectly onto the circumstances and behaviours of Leftist political ideology going back approximately 83 years.

Disclaimer: I am not an evolutionary biologist. The following is not meant to suggest a blanket characterization of the entire Left as being sub-human — though a small percentage undoubtedly are — take Antifa for instance. It is merely to illustrate and provide supporting arguments that an actual biological change has occurred. Many on the Left are genuine victims of their own extremist political ideology, and are worthy of sympathy.

1. Environmental Changes = The Welfare State

At least in America, the welfare state obtained an official foothold 83 years ago.

The most important thing to notice about the welfare state is that it is the antithesis of nature. Therefore, because it’s the inverse of natural selection, for our purposes, it can easily be thought of as a large scale environmental change affecting hundreds of millions of people.

In the West, we’ve been subsidizing dysgenics for 83 years. Not only have we been actively paying the least worthy among us to have a greater number of children, but we’ve also been penalizing the most successful individuals in our societies (progressive income tax) and simultaneously propagandizing our more successful citizens with the idea that having more children is bad.

In nature, this cannot occur as the most successful reproduce the most, and disadvantageous traits cannot accumulate in a population that is growing at a faster and faster rate without a massive purge of the defective genes.

2. Several Extinctions = Eliminating Reproductive Competition

Transferring resources via the use of force (mandatory government programs) necessarily results in the choosing of reproductive winners and losers. The winners are those who in centuries past would not have had the capacity (intelligence & work ethic) to reproduce at all, or would have adapted to the relatively more free market and succeeded in that manner. The losers are those who would like to have more children, but are forced at the point of a gun to give those without the intelligence or work ethic, more money so they can thrive.

This is an obvious competitive conflict of interest on behalf of those without the capacity to reproduce given their natural abilities.

But for some reason, nobody seems to care that those without the capacity to reproduce and be successful given their natural abilities cannot in any way be objective when deciding to vote for those politicians who promise greater and greater financial rewards in exchange for said vote. Given the welfare state, it’s a clear conflict of interest to allow those who take welfare the right to vote.

For all intents and purposes, this, by causing an extinguishing of natural competition, causes numerous local population extinctions, (white flight/ general intelligence flight) which leads to #3.

3. Ecological Niches = Permanent Ghettos/Plantations

The Democratic Party in the United States has — by purposefully driving the progressive increase in the size of government — created enduring pockets of human society where intractable poverty is the ultimate reality.

The permanent ghetto — or ‘Democrat Plantation’ — is an almost automatic feature of those neighborhoods populated by lower IQ individuals being subjected to reverse incentives.

(Note: in this context lower IQ is not meant to be a euphemism for stupidity, but an unavoidable unfortunate coincidence)

This is simply a downstream effect of Welfare, and creates entire geographic regions where the cultural norm among the inhabitants is to live off the largesse of government — which is to say they live off the productive efforts of citizens who not only reproduce given their natural abilities, but also simultaneously pay for the system, through no choice of their own.

The logical extension of this reality is an eventual reduction in the genetic diversity of the population in question due to a decreasing number of out-group individuals reproducing with the increasingly ‘undesirable’ dependent population.

4. Population Bottlenecks = Economic Seclusion/Cultural Ostracism

Increasingly, the Democrat/Leftist Plantations are becoming more and more secluded from the rest of normal society. As these areas become increasingly violent, natural financial divestment and capital outflows result in a more or less “involuntary” form of cultural ostracism of the region in question.

I use the word “involuntary” because there is no reason to suppose that average citizens on the Left or the Right have any interest in balkanizing their own society in this manner.

Areas such as Flint, Detroit, Chicago, Baltimore, Oakland, and Newark, have not been managed by Republicans for between 50 and 100 years, and are increasingly suffering the economic seclusion brought on by Democrat financial mismanagement, and overt Leftist political corruption.

This leads to the population bottleneck, whereby economic seclusion not only leads to a smaller population, but also causes a reduction in the genetic diversity of that population.

“If you look at the population statistics of the Black community, we haven’t grown, we’ve just flat-lined, and this is partially due to the 900 black babies that are aborted every day — 17 million since 1973.”

— Candace Owens

“As a consequence of such population size reductions and the loss of genetic variation, the robustness of the population is reduced and its ability to adapt to and survive selecting environmental changes such as…a shift in available resources, is reduced”

— Wikipedia

A population’s ability to survive in the face of shifting available resources is reduced. This is an ominous sign for any person or family currently on the dole, and it leads us straight to #5.

5. Founder Effects = Multigenerational Reproductive Dysgenic Homogeneity

Founder Effects take us all the way back to a point made in section #1 on ‘Environmental Changes’.

At this point, it’s impossible to argue that these ghettos are not dysgenic. After 83 years of successive low genetic variability during the process of breeding, more recent generations have undoubtedly inherited undesirable characteristics.

These undesirable characteristics can range from genetic disorders, to genetic susceptibility to disease, and perhaps most importantly, to lowered intelligence and lowered conscientiousness — evolutionary regression away from the two largest determinants of success in modern society.

The founder effect is a special case of genetic drift, occurring when a small group in a population splinters off from the original population and forms a new one. The new colony may have less genetic variation than the original population, and through the random sampling of alleles during reproduction of subsequent generations, continue rapidly towards fixation. This consequence of inbreeding makes the colony more vulnerable to extinction.

— Wikipedia

Indeed, in one form or another, dysgenics has been occurring since the Industrial Revolution — albeit at a much slower pace than we may currently observe.

In the context of human genetics, a dysgenic effect is the projected or observed tendency of a reduction in selection pressures and decreased infant mortality since the Industrial Revolution resulting in the increased propagation of deleterious traits and genetic disorders.

— Wikipedia

In contrast to industrialization, Welfare is the fiat currency of human biology. Welfare takes the small relative dysgenic possibilities of industrialization, and pumps them full of growth hormones until the point of cultural roid rage. Welfare is so destructive, that it almost negates the negative population size effects of abortion, and all of this, in an environment where sexual reproduction is as biologically risky as it is economically undesirable.

Just imagine if 17 million black babies were aborted in the absence of welfare. The population size would not be stable, as Ms. Owens mentioned.

In the end, this continued reproductive dysgenic homogeneity results in a medium term positive feedback loop, whereby more welfare = more generational dysgenics = more problems for the community in question = more welfare funding to fix the problems = more generational dysgenics…and so on.

At this point, we’re four generations into the instability/fragility producing positive feedback loop, and it will probably continue until the longer term stability producing negative feedback loop, (ie: reality/fiat currency default) forces itself upon the population, and when it does, there is a high relative probability that the affected population will not be able recover.

6. Allele Frequencies = Employment Resistant Personalities/Heritable Aggression. Software and Hardware Infections.

Genetic changes have resulted in the Left’s inability to operate in the higher human cognitive dimensions. In this category I would include any mainstream media, the political Left itself, 99% of women who do not want children/who only want to work, as well as any person who is sympathetic to the M.S.M., the political Left, or Antifa — which is simply code for German Brownshirts.

As intelligence and conscientiousness have been all but bred out of the population in question, this is where the rubber meets the road of allele frequencies.

Dr. Adam Perkins, a Lecturer in the Neurobiology of Personality at King’s College London, has published his book entitled “The Welfare Trait”.

…research suggests that long-term welfare recipients tend to have an over-representation of individuals with “aggressive, rule-breaking and anti-social tendencies — what he calls the ‘employment resistant personality profile.’” Dr. Perkins also stated that these traits tend to also be more common in the children of welfare recipients compared to the general population which, he claimed, suggested genetic transmission.

In essence, the egregious negative change in the ideological software running on the brains of indentured Leftists has now resulted in multiple visible hardware corruptions, whereby the Leftists in question;

a) cannot defer gratification,

b) cannot think clearly on topics that require more than one logical exponent (as well as have no capacity for metacognition)

c) cannot hold a steady, real job, or even get a job in the first place,

d) cannot spot sophistry

e) do not understand the Dunning-Kruger effect,

d) automatically react with incredulity, hatred, and violence at the mere thought of opposing viewpoints.

Much of this can also be chalked up to the absent father engendered by Welfare.

The U.S. military, having studied IQ for 100 years now, has already established that an individual with an IQ of less than 83 cannot be trained to do anything that isn’t positively counterproductive.

As of a few years ago, it was approximately 10%-15% of the population who had an IQ in that range, and I’m certain those percentages will only increase.

I firmly believe that this information can save lives. There are undoubtedly tens of thousands of Leftists who are merely on the verge of descending into a permanent hell from which they may never recover.

Please help me share this information with those individuals who still have the capacity for self-reflection, and who still might be amenable to reason.

Whether we like it or not, reality will always reassert itself in the biological and economic realm, and when it does, there is no telling how severe the consequences can be.

We can only indulge in the fakery of rent-seeking and Welfare for so long.

Get off the Plantation, if you still can, while you still can.

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