A Calculated Response
Erika Hall

I might suggest to an academic advisor, particularly a leering male toward a female, in a gracious tone, “I am here for the science and not the peep show. Please, control yourself.” Then, wait uncomfortably for the justly deserved apology. Truly, a mistaken but responsible male will move to reset himself and likely will apologize — perhaps even turn red; but will not hold you responsible for his mistake.

Thus, I feel confident that if such a plan goes badly, you would be right to escallate. Personally, I would recommend basing the recommendation on how much one pays the science school for your tuition vs the the price of the local peep show in town. A place that by plan and design hopes for such male peep show attention. This should give a considerable social, financial and gracious opportunity to extend a complaint as far as it needs to go to be corrected.

I would always advise a female professional to dress conservatively. These days, I must be clear that I do not mean a Burka. However, voluntary extremely conservative dress is permissible. The goal in my thinking is to not so much move responsiblity governace of a male imagination to the sole responsibility of a female, but rather to support good reasoning in conversation. Thus, I would have to say that Victoria Secret is out. One needs to be clear when wearing professional clothing about which profession one is in. The best actual examples I have seen are female broad casters specalizing in stock analysis and economics. These must be visually seen as intelligent women and balanced slightly in favor of beauty while still being very insightful. Also, some female lawyers and district attorneys often dress very sharp while making no consession to the view that being female is different from leadership, intelligence and even argumentative savvy.

I excuse nothing. I do however recommend that a lady plan for attracting attention when she wishes it and attracting professional respect when she wishes that. I would make no different advice to my own daughter. My wife is a Chemical Engineer. My second oldest sister is an Electrical Engineer. I have both an MS in Physics and an MBA. Even so, I am not perfectly wise in all ways. I hope this is a more practical idea than shoveling disrespect and blame in the face of a blunder. It is simply too easy to complain.

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